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Apply to sell @ MAG Fashion Lounge

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Dear Retail Entrepreneurs,

Hope you are having an awesome day! Thank you so much for showing interest in the pop-up business opportunity
that we have in South Miami. We have a beautiful 4,500 ft2 location directly in the heart of Sunset Place.




Today's sales force needs to up the ante! Give shoppers a memorable brand experience and unique product interaction. 

Our turnkey operation offers online entrepreneurs and designers a retail space, a trained sales team and a retail experience that will impress customers, expand brand recognition and (most importantly) increase your profits. 

All the perks of a retail store, but at a smaller size (and price!).

No matter your product, we have a gorgeous display waiting in our curated space. 





You bring the product, we bring the experience.

The modern shopper’s expectations have evolved beyond bland displays and big box stores. 

Today’s market demands a unique atmosphere and memorable product interaction outside what conventional department stores can offer. 

Collaborate with our merchandising experts to build a one-of-a-kind vision, then offer your customers an interactive shopping experience to make your brand stand out!


Get more info now



Make sure to reserve yours before they are sold out.


The MAG Fashion Lounge Family








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